List Your Home in Big Bear Lake

Why Trust Dart Realty Services To List Your Home?

Selling your home at its highest price yet within a reasonable time frame requires the professionalism of realtor who has:

Local Experience
With 47 years of experience living in the Big Bear Lake community gives us the unique advantage of understanding every nuance a prospective buyer would like to know about your property and location.  We can explain the value proposition if living in this area with the clarity that comes from someone who has lived in the area. Our years of experience also helps us understand the long term and short term home valuation trends of the real estate market so we are able to accurately assess your home’s true value and price point.

Business Acumen
Real Estate transactions involve efficiently orchestrating people, businesses, legal concerns and paperwork to achieve a desired outcome. Dart DeBarros has been a business owner for over 27 years and his business experience will be applied directly to the project of selling your home.

Advanced Marketing
Today, real estate is largely introduced to potential buyers via the internet, which opens up your potential pool of buyers to  anyone throughout the world.   The larger audience your home is introduced to and in a short period of time dramatically increases the probability of selling your home quickly and for top dollar.

  • Where other realtors simply list your home on the MLS with everyone else, Dart Realty Services utilizes Internet Marketing to present your home to a global audience.
  • We have top search engine rankings for “Big Bear Lake Homes” on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • We conduct pay per click marketing, which allows us to show your home to millions of potential buyers throughout the world.
  • Through Our Marketing We Create Demand!


Selling a home in Big Bear Lake takes determination with a pleasant demeanor.  With many potential home buyers being from out of the area simply scheduling personalized tours of your home takes persistence and patients. Our limited season also means that we need to make the most of the times when visitors are in the area. Dart Realty Services understands the logistics of selling real estate in Big Bear Lake and we know the seasonal cycles by which to gauge our Marketing .